Current version: 1.0.8 [Changelog]
The single-pane outliner that Windows users have been searching for for years, free! Extensive keyboard commands make outlining a fast-paced and smooth experience. Foldout is available in a portable and installer version. The portable version is a single executable that can be run without administrative privileges. It places a human-readable configuration file in the directory where Foldout is run. It does not modify the Windows registry. The installer version of Foldout creates a a traditional installation, stores configuration under the AppData folder, and modifies the registry so that .fol files are associated with Foldout.
Intuitive and simple single-pane outlining. Extensive keyboard commands allow you to build your outline naturally. Embed images and enjoy rich text features within outlines.

Download Foldout Portable | Download Foldout (Installer)

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